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Infocenter: nordic customers
Information for all the honoured customers from the nordic countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark ... )

since we have many customers from countries in the north of Europe, we hear and read the same questions every day and want to help you with these information:

1. order & transport
to ALL european countries is no problem at all.

2. warranty / service:
Panasonic provides an european warranty for all products
that have the "Pan European Warranty Card" inside.
For example: TVs, BluRay Players, Stereos, Fridges, Microwaves ...
If you live in one of the nordic countries, you have a normal 2 year warranty/service period on your Panasonic product, just like if you bought it in your country.
That means: in case of error/malfunction you can just call the local Panasonic repair service and have your product repaired under the conditions of warranty which is used in your country (for free).
You dont have to send anything back to Germany in case of warranty.

menu and manual languages:
all Panasonic products have dozens of languages for the onscreen menus and printed manuals.
Of course, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and others are among them.
IF there should be any language missing in the manual, we will provide a printed version for you.

warranty terms, menu + manual languages for other brands
other brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips and others have pretty similar warranty conditions like Panasonic does. Also the manuals and menu languages are in nordic languages, usually.
For detailled information, please contact us through our website contact form.

We wish you a good time shopping at our store and a good time with your purchase.
Thank You!